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Important News

Due to the various major road works that is being conducted during the carnival weekend, in particular the closures on both Tennison Bridge and Spring Lane Bridge, on the advice of the council the carnival committee have decided in the interest of all concerned that the parade be cancelled. The park event will still run as normal. We appolige for any inconvenience.

We still require helpers - for preparing site on the Saturday (24th) and also on the day....!

The date for the 2014 Addiscombe Carnival has now been confirmed for the 25th of May and the Fun Day for the disabled will be on the 27th of May. 2014 is also the 50th Aniversary of the Croydon Lions and we want to make the 2014 special to celebrate this event. We would like to see an even bigger parade and wish to encourage all parts of the community to get involved. Please find Booking Forms below in both word and PDF format..

Pitch booking form PDF

We also have a FACEBook page and invite you to join and follow the latest news and pictures.

Fair: Ashburton Park, 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Full Funfair, Donkey Rides, Arena Events, Games and Races for Children, Displays and Stalls of all kinds, Refreshments etc.
Book early to avoid dissapointment...!!!

Booking Forms: Website, For all carnival information

Pat Carpenter (Lions) on 020 8689 7507 (General inquiries) Important - please note pitches need to be booked early to save dissapointment as they go quickly!

Travel: Details: Access to Ashburton Park is supported with trams and local buses although there is some parking for private cars;

Pitch Booking Forms Word or PDF

Please note that only completed Application forms tthat arrive fully completed and in time will be accepted.So please ensure you book early.

Past Carnivals

The carnival can only be described as an unparallel success. The weather was fine with a cool breeze and clear skies. The procession started only a few minutes late and arrived at Ashburton Park already filled with numerous stalls and pitches. Soon the park was awash with colours and laughter as families came out to support the event. The police and other agencies involved were extremely delighted with the turnout and the fact the whole event went off without incident. This year the procession began from Woodside Green and along Morland Road and then turning at the roundabout into Lower Addiscome Road and finally ending up at Ashburton Park.

All credit to the skills and personality of the DJ Peter Lewis who controlled the main arena with his infectious humour and creativity. The Cheerleader group and other performance groups did their turns to display their skills. Thanks to the many floats and in particular the “trikes” who brought their eye-catching machines. Other vehicles included the convoy of custom stretch limos, Green party cycles and an assortment of vans and cars with some of them appropiately decorated. A list of all those who took part can be found by clicking on the Sponsors link above. Unfortunately, some have been ommited because they entered their application late. If you done see your stall/pitch or your name listed then please let me know. Althiugh many of the participants returned from the previous year it was good to see some new acts like the Boxercise as seen on the right.

To say the carnival was a runaway success would be an understatement, especially when considering the available resources. It was the perseverance and hard work of all those involved that eventually made the event a memorable one. The Croydon Lions together with their friends can now look back and think of the future; perhaps the bureaucrats that threw obstacles in the way will now reconsider their position and be more supportive to an event that provided a joyfull an unique event for the whole community.

However, keeping on a positive note – the event went without any major issues and most off all the weather held up till the very end. All the agencies involved had nothing but praise at the way things went and indicated that they would like to see a better and bigger carnival next year. In fact, it was decided that canival will become the premier annual event for Addiscome with the suggestion that we might extend the route to begin from Woodside Green to cater for the expected numbers.

Although booking forms will not be available till September 2009, we urge those intersted to contact the organisers and pledge their support. This also includes anyone who wishes to help in any way.

On behalf of the organisers I would like to thank each and everyone who got involved.

Congratulations to the “Float” winners!

The Croydon Chiropractic, where the winners of “walking” float whose entry won the category and they looked very fetching in their “skeleton” costumes. It goes to show that with some effort it is possible to create a winning entry! The kids did well to walk the procession and they looked cute..! Well done kids!!!

The Trikes were something else..! Most of them looked very scary indeed as their trikes were adored with skulls and other paraphernalia. They were quite a sight as they drove in convoy with the rest of the procession and they deserved to win the “mobile” float category.

Well done to the winners of the Best Floats and hopefully will see them back in next years carnival.


Keith Nicholas
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